How to backup a directory over network via tar and ssh?


If you wish to make a backup of a file system between two unix machines, you may use scp command.

How do I find a dual DVI-D (dual link) graphics card for 2560x1440 resolution?


With high-end LCD and LED monitors becoming affordable, I've opted to upgrade my current 21" monitors with a larger 27" capable of displaying 2560 x 1440 resolution. I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 computer which has 1 x VGA and 1 x HDMI (they are only capable of displaying 1920 x 1050 resolution). I've opted to shop for a new graphics card, but it wasn't easy to choose one as descriptions of the products shown on major websites weren't clear enough to ensure compatibility.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboard


Salesforce reports and dashboards provide insight into the sales data stored in your Salesforce organization.

Add Opportunity Contact Roles on Opportunity Update


We're sending an email campaign through Pardot excluding customers who placed an order with us or prospects whom we provided Customer Quotation (SCM Module by Financial Force) with past 30 days. To exclude this list, we must sync Salesforce Opportunity to Pardot Opportunity. Pardot opportunity is tied to a prospect where Salesforce Opportunity is not directly tied to contacts but through Accounts and OpportunityContactRoles. In order to sync Salesforce Opportunity with Pardot Opportunity, OpportunityContactRoles must be created in Salesforce Opportunity.

Salesforce: How do you change user's password with developer console?


As Salesforce dominating CRM market space, it has grown to support many industries and unique business requirements. Becoming an ecosystem that is so big to encompass every industry and companies of all sizes, the administration of Salesforce became very complex. The following list of Salesforce administative guides will help admins perform their daily duties and use as a reference for their administrative tasks.

Salesforce Apex FAQ


Salesforce Apex resembles Java programming language, but it uses objects to represent primitives and also offer pre-built methods for commonly performed tasks. Here is a list of commonly used primitive object methods, and functions that can be used with Apex programming language.

PHP Performance Tuning with Xdebug and KCacheGrind


One of our Wordpress website was running very slow, so I have been asked to diagnose the application. The website was running in upwards of 6 seconds to load the homepage, and 8+ seconds to load woocommerce product pages. There are several debugging and profiling tools available in PHP realm, and Xdebug is an excellent choice. New Relic (free and premium versions) is another choice for profiling and debugging PHP application.

Ksh/Bash Change Directory commands


When you're working in the command-line interface, you may be going deep inside the directories and moving back and forth those directories can be a nuisance. There are built-in directory commands in ksh/bash that you can use to ease your change directory (cd) pain.

How do you use Bash Auto Completion?

A: The file and directory name completion are available by default in bash. To use the default auto completion feature of bash, you'll hit [TAB] Key once or twice.

How to install Xdebug on Centos 6.x?


If you have PHP version 5.4 above, you may install Xdebug with a package installer as described below. If you have a PHP version lower than 5.4, you'll have to compile the Xdebug (see instruction below).

Passing Google Analytics data to Pardot


Our ecommerce operation require tracking of Google Analytics data, and submitting analytic data with the form data for submission into the Pardot. This will help us track clicks and conversions of advertisement dollars we spent on various channels. For some reason, the analytics data from the landing pages failed to make it into our Pardot account so I had to troubleshoot this problem. Since this is my second time troubleshooting same problem, I would like to use this to document troubleshooting steps for future reference.


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