jQuery anonymous and callback function declarations


JavaScript enables you to create anonymous functions to be executed immediately or when the document is ready, and also allows you to freely pass functions around to be executed at a later time. The default short-hand notation for jQuery wrapper is $, and unless your webpage has a conflict with other javascript libraries you may freely use $ to wrap any jQuery scripts. Since there are many variations of anonymous function calls, they are worth mentioning here.

Netsuite Suitelet Examples & Tutorials


NetSuite Suitelets plays vital part in integrating 3rd party web applications with the NetSuite. Writing a suitelet is as easy as writing a simple javascript except that it runs on server-side. Here is a couple of examples on how to write a suitelet. The first example creates a customer of a type LEAD-Unqualified from a POSTed web submissions.

Netsuite Suitelet Developer Resources


1. Join the SuiteCloud Developer Network
To get started with Netsuite development, you'll need a Netsuite account that you can use to communicate with Netsuite. You may sign up with the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) as a Community member, and get a free Netsuite account for exploitation. It may take a day or two to get your account approved.

Netsuite Web Service alternative - Suitelet Tutorial


Netsuite soap-based web service interface (also known as SuiteTalk) is great for processing batch jobs, but may not be suitable for real-time form processing due to concurrency problem. For real-time processing, the Suitelets may be preferred over SuiteTalk as they don't have concurrent session problems.

Netsuite SuiteScript (Suitelet) vs. SuiteTalk (Web Service)


Web Service Concurrency Problem



I have been searching for Syntax Highlighter plug-in for Wordpress and Drupal, and decided to install the one available from Alex Gorbatchev. The module makes use of the Syntax Highlighter Javascript Library, and does the job I wanted. In order for Syntax Highlighter plug-in to work, you'll have to install both Javascript library and the module developed for Durpal or Wordpress. Once the module is installed, the syntax for using it is pretty much the same.

Javascript Overview


What is Javascript?

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language designed to be embedded in HTML pages for added interactivity and offer intelligence to web pages. JavaScript provides a set of objects (Array, Date, and Math), language elements (Operators, Conditional Controls, and Statements). Javascript is primarily used in client-side to control the browser elements and HTML Document Object Model (DOM) to offer interactivity to users.

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