PHP Performance Tuning with Xdebug and KCacheGrind


One of our Wordpress website was running very slow, so I have been asked to diagnose the application. The website was running in upwards of 6 seconds to load the homepage, and 8+ seconds to load woocommerce product pages. There are several debugging and profiling tools available in PHP realm, and Xdebug is an excellent choice. New Relic (free and premium versions) is another choice for profiling and debugging PHP application.

Ksh/Bash Change Directory commands


When you're working in the command-line interface, you may be going deep inside the directories and moving back and forth those directories can be a nuisance. There are built-in directory commands in ksh/bash that you can use to ease your change directory (cd) pain.

How do you use Bash Auto Completion?

A: The file and directory name completion are available by default in bash. To use the default auto completion feature of bash, you'll hit [TAB] Key once or twice.

How to install Xdebug on Centos 6.x?


If you have PHP version 5.4 above, you may install Xdebug with a package installer as described below. If you have a PHP version lower than 5.4, you'll have to compile the Xdebug (see instruction below).

Passing Google Analytics data to Pardot


Our ecommerce operation require tracking of Google Analytics data, and submitting analytic data with the form data for submission into the Pardot. This will help us track clicks and conversions of advertisement dollars we spent on various channels. For some reason, the analytics data from the landing pages failed to make it into our Pardot account so I had to troubleshoot this problem. Since this is my second time troubleshooting same problem, I would like to use this to document troubleshooting steps for future reference.

Salesforce: Data Storage Limits Exceeded


We've just refreshed our sandbox from production which is roughly 2GB over the limit. When I try to create a new record in the newly created sandbox org, I'm getting the Data Storage Limits Exceeded as below:

Data Storage Limits Exceeded

[SOLVED] How to delete files in clientmqueue?


We have a VPS server running Magento flawlessly for nearly a year. The filesystem has been completely filled with mails queued in clientmqueue, and MySQL can't add more data causing the website to halt. Sendmail was running fine, but we've had difficult time deleting files residing in /var/spool/clientmqueue folder. The following commands failed:

Codeigniter: How to populate a form in a controller


I have been recently acquainted with Code Igniter, and I'm loving it. Having used Zend Framework 1 and 2, and various other PHP Frameworks Code Igniter is very robust and easy to use. Codeigniter comes with a very handy form_validation helper class which you can use to validate, and populate the values back into a view when validation fails. But, how do you populate the form values that are already made it to the database, and repopulating into an EDIT form?

How do you XML encode your data?


I was using jqgrid to display some "filtered" data on grid, but some filters won't display any data. My immediate suspect was special characters that may interfere with XML markup.

jqgrid table

How do you setup dual NIC, multi-homed host?


1. What is multi-homed host?

A multi-homed host is known as a computer that has multiple network connections, of which the connections may or may not be the same network. Web hosts and application service providers setup a multihomed router (or system) to connect to two or more upstream Internet Service Providers, and setup network redundancy. The term, multihomed, is used to denote that a system is connected to multiple networks.

How to make backups with Linux and Rsync?


1. Purpose

As a web host, we needed an automated mechanism for generating snapshot of server filesystems on the Linux based systems. There are a number of ways to achieve backups on Linux systems including Remote backup using Linux tar/ssh/cron and incremental tar backups on a local file system. One of the drawback of using tar to perform an entire filesystem backup is that some systems do not have an ability to create a compressed tarball greater than 2GB in size.


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