How to install UTM tracking code? (Uses ga.js)


The UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tracking code is used to track traffic source, medium and campaign; and allows a businesses to track conversion funnel from referral site. With an introduction of Google Tag Manager, some folks are unclear how to implement UTM tracking codes into their HTML pages. The following two simple steps will guide you through installing the UTM javascript snippets into your web pages.

1. Add the classic Google Analytics library, ga.js from Google CDN.

How to fix blank screen or White Screen of Death?


One of the common symptom being seen during PHP development is White Screen of Death, a blank screen instead of expected page. If you "View Source" on white page, it will often contains no title, no header or body and there are no errors - a simple blank page.

Microsoft Office is FREE on smartphones


Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella made Microsoft Office Mobile available free on iPhones and Android Phones on 3/27/2014. You may create, view and edit Microsoft Office documents on smartphone devices running iOS (iOS 7 or later) and Android operating systems completely free. At the same time, Microsoft also made a full version of Office Suite (Word, Excel and Power Point) available on iPads with Office 365 Service, a subscription service required to create and edit MS Office documents. You may view MS Office documents on iPads, but cannot edit them without a paid Office 365 service.

Can a tablet replace a computer?


I have been thinking about replacing my notebook with a tablet for some time, and finally decided to give it a try. Before I chose a tablet to replace my notebook, I thought about the things I do with my computer. I browse web, send and receive emails, manage my websites, watch movies and YouTube videos, and work on the Office Suite. I also spend a lot of time on Linux servers and remote Windows machines so an ability to connect via VNC and RDP is a must feature. All those things I've identified can be done on a tablet, so it may actually work.

IE9 certificate error blocks navigation and can't continue


As a developer, we often require proceeding with IE browser despite with the certificate error. Microsoft decided to block this completely "trying" to fool-proof phishing and other hacking attempts. But, this is a nuisance to developers. This is how you allow it.

1) Run cmd as administrator

2) Execute the following command as an administrator:

certutil -setreg chain\EnableWeakSignatureFlags 8

3) Restart the computer

PC Charge Payment Server Client Installation


Ok, you already have at least 1 PC Charge (Server + Client) installed and trying to add additional licenses to your setup. To begin accepting credit card with the PC Charge, you'll need a PC Charge server.

[SOLVED] JumpLoader Bad Server Response error


We have been using a code-signed JumpLoader with PHP upload handler for several years without any issues. For those users with Java 7 update 21 and above, JumpLoader is now throwing Security Exception, Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar: due to additional security mechanism built into Java.

Stock Investments


If you have extra cash on hand, one of the easiest way to generate passive income is investing your money. There are many investment options to choose from, but one of the preferred option is investing in stocks. Depending on your risk tolerance level, you may invest in low-risk dividend paying stocks, value stocks or even invest in high-growth high-risk stocks. Inflation averaged over 3.05% yearly since 1926, and keeping your money in Bank savings account would have earned you less than the inflation.

Basic Tenets of Credit Scoring


Maintaining a high credit score is one of the most important aspect of managing your personal finance. With a good credit score, you'll qualify for loans with lower rates. Credit scores range from 300 to 850 with national average score of about 692 (for FICO Score), and 723 as the median. Credit score of 720 is considered a good credit score. Credit score is not only used in qualifying loans, but it is also used to making hiring decisions and setting insurance premiums.

A guide to publishing a successful ebook


I have been writing technical articles since 2004, but never really thought about monetizing my work until two years ago. I own more than a dozen websites, and it really becomes hard to maintain all of them. In the 4th Quarter of 2010, I have started selling advertisements on Web Hosting Resources, and Geolocation websites and started generating passive income from them on a monthly basis.


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