Salesforce and more than 2 decimal places


Salesforce is capable of storing currency to more than 2 decimal places at the database or API level. We use Financial Force as our accounting package, and uses Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Sales Invoice for fulfillment and billing purposes. Several of our suppliers uses 3rd or 4th decimal points in the item pricing, and this causes our PO and supplier's Sales Invoice not matching final dollar amounts. Is it possible to use additional decimal points in product pricing?

Salesforce Email Limits


Salesforce limits number of inbound and outbound emails that can be received and sent from Salesforce API or Apex. Here is the summary of email limits imposed on the platform.

[SOLVED] Cannot Upsert Financial Force Sales Invoice Object (No current comany)


We're using the Financial Force for our accounting package within Salesforce, and have written a new class for a change we're implementing which is nothing to do with Sales Invoice object. However, when we tried to deploy the change set, an error occurs on the already deployed trigger on the Sales Invoice object with a working Test Class. The error message on the deployment log shows:

Salesforce Reports and Dashboard


Salesforce reports and dashboards provide insight into the sales data stored in your Salesforce organization.

Add Opportunity Contact Roles on Opportunity Update


We're sending an email campaign through Pardot excluding customers who placed an order with us or prospects whom we provided Customer Quotation (SCM Module by Financial Force) with past 30 days. To exclude this list, we must sync Salesforce Opportunity to Pardot Opportunity. Pardot opportunity is tied to a prospect where Salesforce Opportunity is not directly tied to contacts but through Accounts and OpportunityContactRoles. In order to sync Salesforce Opportunity with Pardot Opportunity, OpportunityContactRoles must be created in Salesforce Opportunity.

Salesforce Apex FAQ


Salesforce Apex resembles Java programming language, but it uses objects to represent primitives and also offer pre-built methods for commonly performed tasks. Here is a list of commonly used primitive object methods, and functions that can be used with Apex programming language.

Salesforce: Data Storage Limits Exceeded


We've just refreshed our sandbox from production which is roughly 2GB over the limit. When I try to create a new record in the newly created sandbox org, I'm getting the Data Storage Limits Exceeded as below:

Data Storage Limits Exceeded

Salesforce REST API example


Salesforce REST API call into platform requires OAuth 2.0 authentication. OAuth is an industry-standard authentication mechanism using "tokens" instead of a typical "username" and "password" credentials. OAuth access tokens provide permission to make Salesforce API calls, and do not grant permission to login to Salesforce Web UI.

1. Navigate to Connected App on Salesforce UI.
Setup -> Build -> Create -> Apps -> New Connected Apps.

Salesforce: Retrieve related list with SOQL and Apex


You are working with a Salesforce custom object, and you need to iterate through the related list. How do you retrieve the listed list with SOQL, and iterate through them with Apex? For the illustration purpose, I'm going to use Financial Force object, SCMC__Sales_Order__c. The SCMC__Sales_Order__c has a child relationship, SCMC__Purchase_Orders__r, as shown in the ( IDE) screenshot below.

Salesforce Visualforce Overview


Visualforce is a technology used in for building custom user interfaces. It is analogous to Java Server Pages (JSP) with Java Server Faces (JSF) in Java technology. Visualforce uses Apex classes (controllers) containing business logic, and visualforce pages and visualforce components containing the presentation.


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